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COVID-19 Restrictions allowing:

Classes will resume in the New Year at Waterlooville Community Centre from Wednesday 6 January 2021

Emsworth Community Centre will reopen on Monday 4th January 2021.

Denmead weekly classes start on Tuesday 5th January 2021.  Please contact pilateswithclaire@hotmail.com for more information.

Due to current Government Guidelines, places will be limited.  Please book now to reserve your place.  You will need to complete a health screen prior to confirmation of your place.  

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  • Pilates is enjoyable for me because the exercises are easy to replicate at home and doing them in between the class has definitely helped firm up my body shape and overall I feel more supple. I feel motivated to attend class each week. (DM)

  • As a sufferer of Ehlers Danlos syndrome, I was dubious when my consultant recommended pilates, but I decided to give it a try. Within a few weeks I noticed a difference in my symptoms and pain. My posture has improved as had the strength of my joints, therefore decreasing the number of dislocations. I still suffer, and experience pain daily, but weekly pilates has made a positive impact of my daily life. I really notice the difference when I miss a week. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. (KC)

  • Hi Alison -  The following benefits come to mind:  - Pilates exercises can be combined to provide a full body work-out.  - Exercises can also be selected to target specific areas if there is weakness, stiffness or injury. - Pilates helps to maintain core strength, flexibility and balance - particularly useful as the aging process starts to have an impact.  - Pilates helps to develop these elements because there is always the option of choosing more challenging levels of a movement.  The above depend on having a well-trained and thoughtful teacher/instructor!!   We are fortunate to have one (JG)

  • I have found mid-week pilates after work such a good way to relax, re-energise and strengthen my body. It's the perfect solution to the Wednesday-"hump-day" slump.! I can't imagine my week without it! Thank you Alison!

  • I have been attending Alison's class for one year and I can feel a difference in my back pain. Alison is very professional and helps the attendees to do exercise at their own pace. I am thinking of coming to her class twice a week and would highly recommend it to others

  • I have found mid-week Pilates after work such a good way to relax, re-energize and strengthen my body. It's the perfect solution to the Wednesday "hump-day" slump. I can't imagine my week without it! Thank you Alison!

  • I am really enjoying getting back into Pilates. I have not done it for three years or more for health reasons. Alison teaches it well, as I do need to be reminded to hold in my Core and to Breathe!

  • I personally have found Pilates has helped me manage my various issues! By improving my core and general posture, this has helped me understand what I should and shouldn't be doing to improve my pain levels. I have definitely before more flexible and have improved strength overall. I honestly believe without Pilates I would struggle to manage my aches and pains and would end up resorting to medication, so Pilates is a natural remedy and lifestyle choice which has significantly helped me over the years



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