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New times for Denmead

Dear All

Please note that with effect from Tuesday 26 November 2019, the two sessions at Denmead Community Centre will now be combined into one session, starting at 6 pm and ending at 7 pm.  


Why should men do Pilates? Check out The Times article (See Link)

The TImes on Saturday 29 September 2018 wrote an extremely good article on why men should do Pilates.  

Why?  Because men also need to improve core strength, improved posture, flexibility and balance.  Pilates exercises done slowly, with good control, provide all these benefits.  Elite atheletes, the article says, such as David Beckham and Andy Murray, as well as celebrities such as Daniel Craig, all do Pilates.  Professional rugby players and footballers incorporate Pilates into their training regimens.



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Last of the Horndean Pilates Classes at Napier Hall

Just to let all of our Pilates members know, the last class in Horndean, held at Napier Hall, will be held on Tuesday 28 November.

There will then be no further AT Pilates classes at the Hall from this date.

We do still run regular Pilates classes in the surrounding areas; why not check out our other class locations: we offer them at Denmead, Emsworth and Waterlooville.



New and updated Pilates Newsletter.. Just released!

Hi members,

AT Pilates have just released a new and updated Pilates newsletter.

It includes a summary of the new classes which opened in 2017, different payment methods and advice about performing Pilates Exercises. Plus an opportunity to provide AT Pilates with your thoughts on a feedback form!

You can find the Pilates newsletter attached above.

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